Subtraction up to 20 zombie catchers game


Subtraction is a far more apparent math operation that we do these days. Expenses here, expenses there. All subtraction operations. Hence, kids must learn this operation well. You need to introduce the concept to the child as early as possible. For starters, you can first introduce subtraction of numbers from 1 to 10. Then, once they master that, work up to 20. That way, the child can learn to subtract basic numbers. You can also use items, goods, and money as an example. The more practical, the better, but do consider their interests as well. Do not use mature objects like cars or houses as examples yet. Maybe you can start with ice cream, apple, a few dollars, even their favorite toy, if it is interesting. Remember that kids that age think more about playing than anything else. So, use that to your advantage. Include games too like the subtraction up to 20 zombie catchers game.