Subtraction of 2 digits zombie catchers game


Subtracting two-digit numbers is one of the fundamental skills children must learn, along with many others. But before you delve into the lesson, you must first make sure that the child already has a solid grasp of addition and subtracting single digits. If the child can barely subtract 9 – 5, how will he/she subtract 56 – 48? So, do get the foundations right and firm. Once you establish that, you can now get right down into the concept of two-digit subtraction. Make sure that the child understands the whole carry-over concept as that can stump many children. Then, do forget always to add an element of fun as well. Remember that you are teaching a child or children. They do not have the same maturity as adults who can sit through a boring lesson or talk with sheer willpower. The moment it gets boring, you will lose the child. So, use the two-digit subtraction zombie catchers game to prevent that.