Order of operations zombie catchers game


Add this, subtract that. Then, divide and multiply, or is it the other way? Doing multiple math operations, one after the other, can be quite confusing, especially for children who are fresh out of single to two operation combinations. That is why children must know the proper order of operations when solving math problems. If they do not get the order right, even just one of the processes, the rest will compute wrong. When teaching order of operations, you can start with the mastery of addition and subtraction first, then follow with multiplication and division. After that, you move on to parentheses and exponents. You can also use the acronym PEMDAS to make things easier. Additionally, you can add in a drill game like the order of operations game zombie catchers to make the lesson livelier. You can use the game individually or as a group competition. You can even add some prices for additional motivation.