Subtraction to 20 wheel of fortune game

Subtraction up to 20

Subtraction 1-20 Fortune Wheel – If you wish to improve your skills in subtraction in a lighthearted and easy manner, then this entertaining game is perfect for you. This interactive game will help you further hone your skills by making you subtract numbers from 1 to 20. You may solve each item using whatever method or technique you wish to use. It can be from using your fingers, toes, and the traditional algorithm or any strategic ways at all that could help you with subtracting numbers. The wheel contains various parts consisting of different colors and scores in them. These parts will determine how many points you will get to earn after answering an item correctly. If you get an item wrong, there is no need to fret because it will not deduct any points from you. You can play this game over and over again if you wish to have higher scores or points. With playing repetitively, you can also enhance your solving speed and mental math. Any children from grades 1 to 6 can play this fun game to enjoy and learn at the same time.