Subtract 3 digits wheel of fortune game

Subtraction of three digit numbers

Let’s not underestimate the role of parents in young learners’ education. In fact, parents play a significant role in a child’s online learning especially. Aside from providing the educational needs of their students, they must also be their cheerleaders and coaches and be in partnership with their children’s teachers. It is also ideal to consider e-learning games to improve their child’s learning experience online. It is less motivating when the student feels burdened by all school work. This game utilizes a virtual fortune wheel that you will spin. It’s actually easy to navigate and play. It is very child-friendly and visually appealing to a child’s eye. Once you spin the wheel, it’s up to your luck if you get the color that has the biggest score once you answer the problems correctly. There are 15 items in the game and it is your objective to answer all correctly. There is no time restraint so you can focus on answering accurately. If you want to add more challenge, then you can time yourself. This will help increase your speed in solving. Try achieving the highest overall score possible.