Subtract 2 digits wheel of fortune game

Subtraction of two digit numbers

We use math every day and this is a fact. It is an inevitable part of our everyday life and so it is essential to learn its foundations very well. However, math is not always everyone’s cup of tea. Some find it boring and too abstract. Teachers and parents must then think of creative ways to make math fun and exciting. This fortune wheel game is quite simple and direct to the point. You’ll get to spin this virtual fortune wheel and wait ‘til its arrow points to a color. Just hope and wish that you’ll get more red and violet which will give you 500 points! You need to answer 15 problems by choosing an answer from the 4 choices. There’s no time limit but it’s good to add some time limit for yourself to enhance your solving speed! In converting fractions to decimals, remember to divide the numerator from the denominator. By practicing more through this game, you’ll get the hang of it by playing this fortune wheel game! Enjoy learning.