Roman numerals wheel of fortune game

Roman Numerals

Learning Roman numerals is an integral part of everyone’s education. It’s practical to know about them as they are part of our everyday life. From time to time, we see Roman numerals in outlines, books, and clocks. Roman numerals are not only interesting because it is a new representation of number but also because they show a connection between math and history. To teach Roman numerals, it is note-worthy to discuss ancient Roman history. Give the children some context on how Roman numbers were used in their everyday life. Another way to teach this topic is by utilizing games. For instance, in this fortune wheel game, the player gets to solve a series of Roman numeral problems. Since this game is visually stimulating for kids, it will also help kids who struggle with short attention span. The game has a friendly interface and it allows its players to navigate around it without much difficulty. Only when the player answered correctly can he be given points depending on where the fortune wheel’s arrow points after spinning.