Pre-algebra multiplication wheel of fortune game

Pre algebra multiplication

Some young learners dread having to deal with algebra in their latter grades. Hence, for both teachers and parents, it can be a challenge to make learning something to look forward to. This game can be a good tool for e-learning. All kids need a fun learning experience. There is more than learning within the four walls of a classroom. This fortune wheel game allows the learner to practice their pre-algebra multiplication skills by answering a series of problems. They are to choose from a set of choices. Their objective is to answer as many questions as possible in order to gain a lot more points! They may earn 100-500 points for each problem depending on where the arrow points. Aside from games, for educators it is also a good idea to create a community in the classroom. Make sure to connect with the students and, to assure them that you are there to help them be better at pre-algebra or math in general. Another tip is to create a structure for each class for the students to know exactly what to expect in the class.