Percentage of numbers wheel of fortune game

Percentage of numbers

Percentages are without a doubt one of the most important topics in math as it shapes our everyday lives in one way or another. It is a big part of life especially when a child reaches adulthood. When it comes to saving money, bank interests, interest rates, and shopping, this knowledge comes in handy. Without a doubt, percentages are used much in daily life and so it is essential for children to learn it the best way possible. The thing about math is that once to learn a technique because you’ve practiced well, it becomes sort of a muscle memory already. With these being said, it is definitely beneficial to be knowledgeable of percentages. While textbook exercises and worksheets may be great for learning, we should also consider how e-learning games can be great for young learners. In this game, learning percentages are fun and exciting. The game is straight-forward and the mechanics are pretty easy. The player needs to spin the fortune wheel game and based on what color the arrow points, he will receive the equivalent point given that he answers the problems correctly. As you answer 15 items, the better your overall score would be!