Multiplication by five wheel of fortune game

Multiplications of five digits

Children nowadays spend more than ten hours online. Children of Generation Z seem to be the most tech-savvy generation so far. Some see this as their disadvantage and try to separate these children from technology for fear that it may disrupt their education. However, in some cases, this may do more harm than good. It may be good to consider embracing technology as part of their learning instead. Video gamesmake life easier for teachers and parents. These days, game-based learning materials come in handy in children’s education. It actually improves their problem-solving and strategic or critical thinking. In this fortune wheel game, the player gets to solve a series of multiplication problems. Since this game is visually stimulating for kids, it will also help kids who struggle with short attention span. The mechanics of this is simple. You need to answer the problems correctly. Only when you’ve answered correctly can you be given points depending on where the fortune wheel’s arrow points after spinning. In this game you’ll realize, Math is not boring at all!