Fractions to decimals wheel of fortune game

Convert fractions to decimals

Math is not always fun for everyone. But do you know that you can match Math with fun? Converting fractions to decimals can be laborious for you but you may want to practice by playing this game. It’s very simple and easy to play. The mechanics of the game is basic, you need to answer 15 items in total. Every time you answer the equations correctly, your overall score will add up. The more your fortune wheel gets to point at colors red and violet, the better. You’re more fortunate when you receive a total of 500 points per item! Do your best to answer all the items correctly. Make it your objective to gain the highest number of points per item. The higher your overall score is, the better! In converting fractions to decimals, remember to divide the numerator from the denominator. You’ll get the hang of it by playing this fortune wheel game! There’s no time limit to this game and you can play again once you’re finished with your first try. Enjoy learning!