Addition of zero wheel of fortune game

Addition of zero

This colorful, fun, and energetic game will help your child to practice adding zero to other non-zero digits. With this fortune wheel game, students can practice their additions skills without it feeling like a chore.Instead, the player gets to learn while playing an enjoyable and interactive game. In the game, the player will first test his luck, by spinning the fortune wheel. The arrow will then point to a particular part of the wheel. It has various colors and each color represents a specific score. Since this is a fortune wheel game, the player can’t really control where the arrow goes. It makes the game exciting. Afterwards, the player will then be given an equation related to the game category. The player can choose from 4 choices. The player gets to have the score given that his answer to the problem is correct. If the player answered incorrectly, no point will be added to the overall score. In total, there is a total of 15 problems for the game. Once the player gets all 15 items answered, the game is over.