Adding doubles wheel of fortune game

Addition of doubles

Learning has never been this fun. This game of wheel of fortune uses an array of vibrant colors that can easily catch the attention of its players. The game is simple. As soon as the player clicks the start button, a wheel of fortune which is divided into six (6) colored segments will appear on the screen. The player can choose when to spin the wheel and when to stop it from spinning. The game will then lead the player to a set of problems through which the player will answer spot-on. Once answered correctly, he will receive a point that may range from 100-500 depending on the color that the fortune wheel chooses. If he answered it wrong, he would receive no points. The player can do this for only a total of 15 times. After that, the game is over. If the player would like to try the game one more time, he can click the play again button. This game will improve the children’s solving skills particularly in adding doubles (2+2, 3+3, and so on). It also has impressive audio that will enhance the players’ gaming experience.