Addition of 3 digits wheel of fortune game

Addition of 3 digit

Adding 3 digits can be challenging for grade-schoolers so it is important to have fun and interactive learning material for them. With this fortune wheel game, students can practice their additions skills without it feeling like homework. The student/player will instead find an exciting fortune wheel game. To test their luck, they will spin the wheel and gradually the arrow will point to a particular part of the wheel. The player will then be given 3 digits addition problem to solve. The player can choose from 4 choices. If he answers correctly, he receives 100 points if the arrow stopped at the blue part. The points will increase if the wheel points towards the direction of other colors. At best, the player can receive 500 points for one item if the wheel points at red or violet parts. However, if the player fails to answer an item, he will gain no point. The overall experience of the game is definitely fun and exciting. It is the unpredictability of the wheel that makes it so.