Addition 1 to 10 wheel of fortune game

Addition 1 to 10

This children-friendly game is intended to enhance and practice the addition skills of elementary students by providing an interactive and visually stimulating experience. Particularly, this game focuses on adding two 1 digit numbers. Upon selecting the game the player will see a colorful and vibrant fortune wheel divided into six parts. Each part has its corresponding color and score. The player gets to spin the wheel and then stop it depending on the player’s duration preference or strategy. The arrowwill eventually point to a particular part of the wheel. Once the arrow points at the blue part, he gets 100 points; for orange, 200; for green, 300; for yellow, 400; and for colors violet and red, 500 points. The player gets to have the score given that his answer to the problem is correct. If the player answered incorrectly, no point will be added to the overall score. In total, there is a total of 15 problems for the game. Once the player gets all 15 items answered, the game is over. If the 15 items are not enough for the player’s satisfaction, the player can always opt to play again and get to answer a similar set of problems while still having fun.