Subtraction up to 20 snake and ladder game


When teaching your child or student how to subtract, start by presenting this concept using illustrations. After introducing the basics, try tackling two-digit subtraction or place values with them. Try a variety of techniques and see which will work for the young learner. A game on snakes and ladders online on subtraction up to 20 can be used for practice, too. The best way to teach your child basic mathematical subtraction is to divide the number rolls from 0 to 10, then 10 to 20. In this game, we calculate numbers up to 20! For instance, what is 20 – 15 or 18 – 7? You know what? We’re not going to tell you the answer to that! Solve math equations over the course of this board game. Why don’t you call your brothers or sisters to play with you? Get your friendly sibling rivalry on and see who’s to dominate the Snakes and Ladders game! In this game, the goal is to get as many points as possible by correctly answering each question. Snakes and ladders game can help develop the young player’s counting skills. For example, if the player is on square 18 and receives a dice roll of 4, he or she will move forward 4 spaces to 22.