Subtraction of 3 digits snake and ladder game


Subtraction is an important concept that children must develop early. It is part of our daily lives. Show how subtraction can save them time to count how many chocolate bars will be left after they share some with friends, or finding how many days are left until their birthdays. Three-digit subtraction can be difficult to comprehend because you get to raise and borrow numerical between the minuend and subtrahend. Children and adults can get this easily wrong, but it doesn’t have to be daunting! For instance 347 – 240 is 107. Just subtract the number one by one to get the difference. This game is the ideal way to combat fear and uncertainty in dealing with numbers because you’re allowed to be careful when solving equations. This game on snakes and ladders online on subtraction - 3 digits is a great and fun way to practice this math skill. Solve a variety of subtraction problems in this game and see them advance towards winning! Spice up the game by offering to give prizes for each question that they answer correctly.