Subtraction of 2 digits snake and ladder game


Make homeschooling more fun with this game on snakes and ladders online on two-digit subtraction. In mathematics, to subtract means taking away a certain number of items from a group of things. It is the opposite of addition. Math-based online games are great tools to improve your child or student’s number sense. Two-digit subtraction is ideal for primary learners who have mastered addition and subtraction of numbers from 0 to 20. It calls for grit, analytics, and quick visualization of the number needed to solve. Quick! What is 25 – 17? What about 56 – 37? Give us the answer to 78 – 42! Well, the equations will give you 8, 19, and 36 respectively. Roll the dice and solve all equations as you navigate the board through tiles and tiles. Help children develop the key skills for them to better learn math with educational, online games. You can also build in some daily activities as opportunities to explain math. For example, ask your child to track how long it takes to walk to the school. Then compare this with how long it takes to drive to the amusement park. Which takes longer?