Roman numerals snake and ladder game


To effectively teach anything, there must be a variety in the methods and tools that you use. Preschoolers who already know numbers up to 10 or 20 are ready to learn this lesson, which are best taught visually. On a poster or whiteboard, illustrate each Roman numeral symbol along with their corresponding Arabic numerals. Here’s a short primer: 1 is equivalent to I, 2 is same as II, 3 is the same as III, but, four differs as IV, while five is represented by a V. If you reach 10, you get the roman numeral of X. Now, have the game mashed up different numbers and you guess which Arabic numerals represent the roman numeral specified. Perhaps, you’re wondering where will you get to apply these numbers. Well, it can be reading analog clocks, books pages, or important scientific measures. What do you think? Read out loud each symbol and let your child follow. This way, they can learn by hearing and seeing the numbers at the same time. As such, game on snakes and ladders online on Roman numerals is a fun way for your child or student to familiarize themselves with this ancient numerical writing system.