Number spelling up to 20 snake and ladder game


One is 1, two is 2, and three is 3! Wait – what’s four in its numerical form? This game is a wholesome twist from your regular Snakes and Ladders game because it allows you to boost your math abilities! Navigate the board, avoid the snakes, and climb up the ladders to dominate the game. Whenever you spell correctly, you earn point and advance through the game. Watch out for pitfalls that earn you a lower point! Get to play this with family and friends and see who got the highest score. Bragging rights included. Make spelling more fun and engaging with this game on snakes and ladders online on numbers spelling up to 20. Learning how small numbers are spelled correctly is a basic step to develop their appreciation for the math subject. Such math-based online games are a good way to practice your child or student’s familiarity with spelling. Another way to help them memorize certain words is using the stair steps. Here, you will have your child or student write a word while adding only one letter at a time as if they are stairs. Here’s one for example: