Multiply by five digits snake and ladder game


Who says learning math is supposed to be boring and difficult? One of the best ways for your child to enjoy math is through a game on snakes and ladders online on multiply by five digits. This can give them enough practice to practice multiplying by higher digits. Who knew tackling big numbers can be challenging, yet, fun! Don’t get us wrong, but 64, 538 x 80 isn’t an easy equation. This is quite intimidating for kids as well as adults! But, how do you downsize that fear? Well, playing games can ease and motivate you to confront the equation. There are 11 draws on our board game, which means, 11 equations to solve! Will you be able to defeat your opponents for a nostalgic game of Snakes and Ladders? Grab every opportunity to climb on ladders and watch out for that snake bite! Or, you can start this practice at the grocery store. Does your child want a chocolate bar worth a dollar? Challenge him or her to compute how much it will be for five pieces of this sweet treat. Little practice like this can go a long way for him or her to enjoy and learn math.