Multiplication by ten snake and ladder game


Multiplication by ten is perhaps the easiest concept to introduce to kids. And this game says it all. How to find the quotient easily? Just add zeros! If you have the equation 10x7, you get 70. Likewise, if you’re asked to multiply 100x100, the answer is 10,000! Whether you are taking a long trip with your child or simply driving them to school or sports camp, you can let them play snakes and ladders online on multiplication by ten game. Let your child play with his or her fellow classmates and see them racking up points to clear the goal! Ready, kids? What is 10x4? It’s 40! But, what about 6x10? You know what, we’ll let you decide the answer for that. As a parent from an earlier generation, you must have learned your skill by memorizing and repeating multiplication tables. It is no wonder that teaching this concept to your child can seem nerve wracking! Math-based online games can be a new way to teach multiplication to your child. With educational tools such as games, children can build their understanding of math operations and number sense. And they will have fun at the same time!