Addition of zero snake and ladder game


"No, Mir. Snake! Don’t bite me!" Avoid landing your disc on a snake’s head and play along to land on a ladder. Your traditional snakes and ladders game top up the notch by adding mathematical equations for you to solve! This math number game allows children to define how zero works in mathematical values. Zero in itself has no value and, thus, by adding a number to it, will remain as the number itself. So, what is 2+0? It’s 2, because zero has no value. Practice your addition of zero skills and see how the number retains its value! Exercise your mental skills and do math with this game on Snakes and ladders online on Addition of zero. Online games are great tools to help children overcome their math anxiety and learn this subject with confidence. This online snake and ladders game is an ideal additional resource for your child to practice math. In this game, the player will start by rolling the dice. The green disk on the screen indicates the player’s position on the electronic board game. Each correctly answered question will give the player more points. Stay beside your child as they go from one question to the next and teach them how they can improve their answers.