Adding doubles snake and ladder game


Who says doubles are trouble? Make learning math more fun with snakes and ladders online on adding doubles game. What is 4+4? Well, what is 12+12, then? Get the answer right and continue to roll the dice and get a higher score. Carefully roll the dice to land on the ladder to take yourself way up. The higher tile counter you land on, the higher points you’ll have. But, watch out of that snake bite though! You’ll be redirected back at the bottom and earn lower points. If you don’t want that to happen, hone your math skills on doubles to progress in the game. So, what’s 4+4? It’s 8! Now, you try. To be good at math, children should not simply memorize the concepts behind it. A huge part of gaining more understanding about this subject is through practice. As such, the kind of experiences that parents and teachers offer play a role in the children’s learning. Online games are a great idea to engage children in learning math. In this snakes and ladders game, the student will roll the dice and must answer correctly the given questions so that he or she can advance to the next tile counter.