Pre-kindergarten math games

The stage of your children before kindergarten is called pre-kindergarten. At this stage, your kids are taught the foundations of mathematics and basic concepts through fun games to prepare for kindergarten. Most of the learning is done through fun time during which students easily grasp math concepts. Math games planned at this stage are focused on encouraging and inspiring your kids through fun and play. They write, play, perform, and learn through games which they enjoy and involve themselves with. At this stage, kids learn to count. They learn to describe where things are. They gain basic concepts of the mathematical terms "more" or "less". They also gain knowledge on shapes and comparison of objects. Some basic fun math games that students play at the pre-kindergarten stage involve:

Location of a given object

Explaining the location of a given object with respect to some reference, e.g. below, above, to the left or the right, etc.

Shapes of objects

Describing and comparing the shapes of objects.


Counting several objects and learning the counting rhymes.


Identification of numbers


Comparison of objects and numbers.

Basic addition

Implementing very basic addition like 1+1=?

Completing worksheets

Completing worksheets for math tests, including number tracing and counting similar objects.