Numbers spelling up to 20 pirate game

Number spelling to 20

Introducing how to spell the first ten numbers to kids is a challenge. Moving up to twenty can become a battle fast, well, at least figuratively. Stopregrettingabout ineffective strategies on how to teach these kids the lesson. Why not use gaming to turn the battle around. With the numbers spelling up to 20 pirate game, you can provide these kids with a game that they can enjoy. Not only that, it is like hitting two birds with one stone. As you let the kids play, you are also providing them practice opportunities to test out their spelling skills. Just do not forget to give feedback to correct and wrong answers. Feedbacks can help students learn from their mistakes. Do not be stingy with your praise, but do be gentle and kind in your negative feedbacks as well. You can do the sandwich method with the negative comment sandwiched between to positives.