Number spelling above 20 pirate game

Number spelling above 20

Why is knowing the spelling of numbers important? Can’t we just write them as is? Some children may ask you that question, especially the inquisitive ones. Well, you need to emphasize to the children that spelling out numbers is just as important, if not more, than writing their symbols. Once you get the point across, you can start with the small numbers and increase the difficulty gradually until you get to the composite numbers, which are mostly those above twenty like thirty-five, seventy-six, and more. You can use the number spelling game > 20 pirate game as a supplementary game to your lesson. Children, mostly aged ten and below, can appreciate lessons more where they can have fun. So, stray away from keeping the children on their seats for too long without a change of pace. Try to let them work on groups with their classmates. If the child is homeschooling, then you can let the child do varied activities to keep him or her engaged.