Multiplication by ten pirate game

Multiplication up to 10

The classroom can be a boring place for students when all they do is sit, andstare at their notes or listen to the teacher drone on and on about the lesson. It is especially true for math concepts like how to multiply numbers by ten. But with the multiplication by ten game pirate game, it is relatively easy to convert a dull day at class into a day to remember for the children. Using the game, you can increase the motivation of the students to learn and focus on the lesson. If you incorporate the game into a group activity, you will also improve the children’s collaborative and social skills. Remember to supplement their learning with opportunities to move around as well. Moving around can help provide some semblance of physical exercise to the students, which at their age, is very apt. Elementary children tend to have much energy waiting for them to use. So, create a holistic lesson where you can.