Order of operations pirate kings game

Order of operations

Load the cannons, now aim, and fire! Yes, it’s in that order. Of course, even in math, you have to learn the basics of operations to get the correct answer. This pirate kings game on order of operations will help the crew in shipshape while battling other pirates at sea. Avast ye, me hearties! We need to learn about PEMDAS, which states the order of operations. First we solve values in parenthesis, followed by exponents, multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts. Savvy? As captain of the ship, you are advised to solve the equations properly. Let’s start, shall we? What is ( 7 -1) + 8? It’s 14! Okay, how about, 5 – (2+3)? It’s zero! By following this order of operations, we get to load our canons properly and defend our ship from these landlubber pirates. Train your crew to solve the problems correctly, or there will be mutiny! You don’t want that to happen do you! Call your friends and play a nice pirate game or two. It’ll be more fun tackling equations and dominating the high seas with your real-life mates!