Addition-1-to-10 pirate game

Addition of 1 to 10

For kids aged 5 to 7, it is best if they are already well-learned when it comes to adding preliminary numbers, from one to ten. But it is also quite a challenge for teachers as children in this age group often value playtime over lesson time. Hence, teachers and parents must use varied methods to entice these children to learn addition. A very effective method to try is to use games. It is even better if it is an active game. You can deliver the lesson to the kids. At the same time, you can make them move around to expend their boundless energies. The addition one to ten pirate game is a very flexible game that you can play passively or actively. If you have a projector in class or at home, you can project the game on the screen and use it as a moving quiz for the children. Whoever answers correctly can move closer to the finish line, and a wrong answer moves them back.