Add 3-digit numbers pirate game

Addition of three digits

Adding 456 + 987 can be quite a difficult concept to grasp for elementary students who do not understand the concept well. It is true for all other 3-digit number additions as well. That is the reason why children must have a clear understanding of how to add 3-digit numbers. It is especially true for children who are homeschooling. Parents at home, even the home tutors, must also exert effort to teach the topic to their children well. Learning tools and educational games can also be a great addition to the learning experience. If you are a parent or a home tutor and considering using games to aid the lesson, then try touse the add 3-digit numbers pirate game. The game is a convenient and fun way to gauge the child’s progress. It is also an excellent alternative to provide the child with a means to practice the 3-digit addition skill.