Order of operations missing sheep game

Order of operations

Baa-baa! Did you hear a sheep bleating in the distance? Oh, dear! Let’s help Mr. Sheep come back home safely by solving order of math operations. Oh, fiddlesticks! If it weren’t for these wild animals prowling in the grassland, Mr. Sheep would be home safely. Let’s use our math skills to guide Mr. Sheep back to us. Make complicated-looking math things fun when you introduce your child to this home sheep home game on order of operations game! Take Sheep, who is just trying to get home to the farm, through the pathway on the board while trying not to bump into the puma--or you’ll go back to the start! Do not be fooled, the jackal and lion will give you trouble too. Taking a few steps back will only be a minor setback though, just answer more questions in the accurate way and it’s back on the right path! Primary and secondary students alike will enjoy!