Number spelling game greater 20 missing sheep game

Number spelling game

Oh, no! Mr. Sheep is lost and needs your help spelling numbers to get back home! Mr. Sheep needs your guide to avoid getting eaten by lions and jaguars along the way. Swish! Look out! Phew, that was close! That’s because we can spell numbers correctly, right? Discerning numbers and their word forms allow us to make better judgments on how to get Mr. Sheep back home safely and smartly. Spelling out numbers above 20 can definitely pose a challenge, especially since there are hyphens involved and it can get pretty confusing. The earlier a child learns it, the better it will stick. You and your child can navigate a sheep through obstacles and away from big animals like a lion or puma together, or you can let the little star shine on their own! Home sheep home game on number spelling game greater 20 is definitely the game for you. They’ll definitely learn a thing or two and feel great satisfaction with each correct response all the way through.