Multiply by five digits missing sheep game

Multiply by five digits

Being chased by a lion? Getting hounded by a jackal? Trying to escape a puma? All that comes into play in this home sheep home game on multiply by five digits! That’s right, this is not any super-complicated video game or major zoo simulator situation. It’s a simple yet effective tool in balancing schoolwork and play for students. The player, represented by a cute, fluffy sheep character that’s just trying to make its way back to the other sheep, will have several multiplication questions they must answer right before their sheep can move forward until it finally gets back home. Try to guess correctly with chosen numbers below to get Mr. Sheep home safely on the barn. If want him all snug and safe, try your best to avoid the dangerous animals looking to eat him. Seems dangerous and hard? Trust us, with a little bit of faith, you can conquer these animals with a little bit of wit and correct mathematical answers.