Even & Odd Numbers missing sheep game

Even & Odd Numbers

Drats! Why do those wild animals have to make it harder for Mr. Sheep to go home? Guide the animal back to the farm and avoid getting into the clutches of such creatures that want to eat him! Solve the equations by determining what are even and odd numbers from the number scale. Is 11 odd or even? What about 20? Can you tell me? "Even numbers all share one trait. You can split them down the middle; if they make pairs, you’ve solved the riddle! They can’t be divided by two, and for all odd numbers the same is true."- A children’s song about odd and even numbers. Actually, there’s quite a few of them! Home sheep home game on even & odd numbers aims to add more dimension to teaching children as early as possible about concepts in math. While answering the practice problems, there will be animals blocking the sheep’s path. Pay particular attention to the puma-it’ll send you back to the start!