Addition of doubles missing sheep game


"Baa-baa!" You can say that twice! Doubles can be tricky but that’s what sheep are for! Children are sure to have fun trying to help the sheep not just get to the end, but avoid in-game obstacles. All while playing the home sheep home game on adding doubles game. Adding doubles is a precursor to multiplication later on. But, at the same time, why don’t you help Mr. Sheep go home by answering the equations? Calculate the solutions correctly and it’ll let Mr. Sheep pass through the board. However, if you answer the equations wrong, Mr. Sheep will have to move backwards. Guide your lost sheep against wild animals that wanted to eat it! Looks like our resident bear, jaguar, and lion are ready to pounce their claws at Mr. Sheep. Trying to figure out how to add a dozen eggs to another dozen? Wanting to make sure it’s easy to figure out how many slices of pizza are left from ten separate boxes? Adding doubles may come easy for adults, but kids need stimulation and help. This game includes other surprise animals they can learn about, too.