Addition 1 to 10 missing sheep game


Mary had a little lamb and it’s lost! Get Mr. Sheep home and avoid getting bitten by jaguars, lions, and other wild animals on the way home. Roll the dice and move forward according to the number shown. If you get it correctly, it’ll let Mr. Sheep continue on his journey. However, when you guessed incorrectly, Mr. Sheep has to move two spaces backward. Now, be careful of tiles that also lets you move spaces in reverse or from the start – you don’t want that to happen. Growing up, one of the more fun ways to try and get to sleep was to count sheep. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s now being used to help children with learning basic math! There certainly won’t be any sleep-inducing moments for you and your child while playing this home sheep home game on addition one to ten though! With every step taken towards the end goal, there are practice problems that you can either have your child solve or let them solve together. Whether your child is in first grade or fourth, they will get lots of practice!