Addition of 3 digits missing sheep game


If there were 101 Dalmatians in the first movie and 102 Dalmatians in the second, how many Dalmatians were there overall? If the answer seems easy enough for you, great! The thing is, though, adding big numbers like that can be cumbersome for kids. It can also lead them to be very confused by more complex concepts later on. Practice makes perfect, and that’s what the highly engaging home sheep home game on add 3 digit numbers encourages. By presenting practice problems in a fun format to kids who just want to help the sheep get home, it’s learning simplified. What’s 559 + 307? Or, 240 + 376? Answer correctly and you’ll help Mr. Sheep home by getting through obstacles safely. Once you’ve reached the barn, then it’s game over! Mr. Sheep can now rest safely on the comforts of his home. When there are wild animals prowling around the board game, you need to be quick on answering the equations through. No worries though. This game will help you solve the calculations to get Mr. Sheep home safe and sound while you \’ve just amped up your mathematical skills!