Subtraction of single number memory game

Subtraction of single numbers

Students at the initial stage of their school years learn basic mathematics. With the introduction and familiarity with numbers, they start to learn skills in number computations. One of such processes is subtraction. The subtraction operation is represented by a minus sign and the result is the difference between two numbers. Kids start learning subtraction using tally marks in earlier classes. The numbers are written vertically, one over another. Each number is represented using tally marks. Then the number of tally marks of the second number are subtracted from the tally marks of the 1st number. Remaining marks are counted and the result is written. The idea of practicing is very necessary for this operation to be understood. Games help students to learn the process easily. Many on-screen, on sheet and tv medium games are used to make students familiar with the subtraction process. These games have several problems including the wooden titles to flip and find the correct answers. Some games even involve the identification of different items, counting them and finding the difference between two groups. Such games are very beneficial for students to learn and grasp concepts easily and seamlessly. Have fun learning through this subtraction memory game.