Subtraction of double digit memory game

Subtraction of double digits

The subtraction of two digit numbers is another step towards learning subtraction. Two-digit numbers range from 10 to 99. Subtracting them includes the concept of ones and tens places. The numbers to be subtracted are written in subtraction format, one above the other. And numbers at respective places are subtracted one by one. For example to subtract 33 from 67. 67 is kept above and 33 is written below it. The one's places for both numbers are 7 and 3. At the first step, 3 is subtracted from 7 which is the usual subtraction that students perform through tally marks and counting the subtracted marks. The result is written as one place of the answer. The second step includes the subtraction of tens places i.e. 3 is subtracted from 6. This is again done using the same tally mark subtraction. The result is written in the tens place. The tally mark is the method that students learn and practice easily. The same method of subtraction is also performed using games which is beneficial since they can play and solve the sums repeatedly to understand the concept and to build on the process. They also grasp the art of quick subtraction even without tally marks. Have fun learning subtraction with this 2 digits subtraction memory game.