Subtract multiple of 2 memory game

Subtract multiple of 2

Subtraction actually means taking something away from another. In real life we are always subtraction items from others. For example, I can subtract a quantity of food from my lunch box. This notion is easily translated to mathematics and in lower levels students will be required to translate the meaning through math problems. Children will solve such problems using objects, sticks to tally marks are counting aids. This page features a subtraction memory game in which children solve problems and select the correct answer by flipping wooden discs placed at random locations. Each disc hides the answer to a subtraction problem. The game also has a time factor to it; completing the game fast shows that you not only master your subtraction facts, but also that you have a good memory. This game will train the brain and build the memory of children. This game will be suitable if used to review at home or in the classroom. Teachers and parents will find it a useful addition to their regular curriculum.