Subtract multiple of 10 memory game

Subtract multiples of 10

At the kindergarten and early stages of schooling, kids are initiated to subtraction. By this time, they have already gained understanding of the concepts of numbers, their representation as tally marks and how to count. Subtraction is basically like taking out tally marks from a group of tallies. The subtraction of numbers from 1 to 10 is what children learn at the initial stage. If the number for example 6 is to be subtracted from 9, 9 is written above 6. Tally marks of both numbers 9 and 6 are written. Since 6 is to be subtracted, six tally marks out of a total of 9 are cancelled out and the kid counts the remaining number of tall marks which is the answer to the question (i.e. 3). This game features subtraction exercises with numbers up to ten. Given that it is a memory game, students do not only have to solve and find the correct answer. They also have to flip the wooden discs and find the correct position of the answer. It gets challenging and fun because players need to memorize the position of their answers from previous attempts. The winner here masters subtraction and also how to memorize numbers. Have fun playing this subtraction 1 to 10 memory game.