Spelling from 6 to 10 memory game

Spelling from 6 to 10

Learning the spellings of numbers from 6 to 10 is another phase in early math. Students after recognition of the numbers also have to learn the spellings of numbers. Instructors all over the world use different methods to make students familiar with number spellings. The techniques they generally use are physical activities and games. Some games involve students learning the spellings by heart and by repeatedly singing the spellings with the singing rhymes on a speaker. Other games include writing the spellings and learning them. In this game, students practice writing using letters and learn the spellings. Some teachers have alphabet blocks and ask students to make the spellings of different numbers using the blocks. Using new technology, kids are also linked via mobile apps and tv games. The games are played on screen and students are engaged to play the games and learn the spellings. Several animated shows, cartoons, and character-based games are also there to help kids learn spellings. Kids enjoy these games, play it again and again and learn sellings. It helps them build a strong memory base for the words and numbers as well.