Spelling from 11 to 16 memory game

Spelling from 11 to 20

Learning spellings using the alphabets is important in mathematics. The spelling of numbers in words is required in various fields. This skill is introduced to kids at an early age. Getting familiar with the spelling of numbers is facilitated through elearning games like the current one. One way of gaming and learning is the identification of numbers and their corresponding spellings on the screen. Students recognize and spell the words with their teacher and practice how to spell it in their free time. However learning this way can become monotonous if not blended with fun. To trigger more involvement and excitement, we developed this spelling numbers 11 to 20 memory game. In this game, the student looks at the number and checks the numbers spelling by flipping the wooden discs. Games on counting up to twenty are suitable for children in kindergarten, first and second grades. With mobile and PC’s, children can access these games from different parts of the world.