Rounding to 10 memory game

Rounding to the nearest 10

Rounding numbers is a concept that enables students to round decimal numbers to whole numbers. Often a division is performed between two numbers and the answer comes in the form of decimal numbers containing several digits after the point. Instead of writing all the digits in the numbers, these are rounded off to one or two-digits after the point-based on the given instructions. For example, the number 4.537 is rounded off to 4.54 based on the fact that 7 is greater than 5. Similarly, the number 4.567 is rounded off to 4.56 since the second digit 6 is already greater than 5. The process of rounding off depends upon the number of decimal digits required after the point. Students perform this operation in solving fractions and division and often in other mathematical operations as well. The rounding operation is another skill that needs practice and many fun games are based on this operation which enhances the skills of the students and lets them build their concept of rounding numbers. These games cover different topics including identification, rounding and performing different operations that include the rounding operations. Through repeated practice, students become familiar with the process.