Roman numerals memory game

Roman Numerals

Roman numerals is a system of numbers that were developed in ancient times. In this system, numbers are written using characters. One is represented by (i), two by ii, three by iii, four by iv, and so on. Using letters and characters, numbers are presented in a logical manner. Students are introduced to this system in grade 5 and above. They are made to learn the roman numerals and counting. They learn how to convert normal numbers into roman numbers. Counting in roman numerals goes as the normal number counting goes however the criteria of writing roman numerals changes as the numbers increase above 3000. This system of numbers is easy and interesting for students. To make them involved and excited, teachers use different memory games so that they learn and practice easily. These games vary in their types from normal recognition of numbers to the identification of numbers and Roman numerals in a series, their conversions and writing them down. These games involve the real scenarios as well converting Arabic to Roman numerals. Students will find this game interesting especially when they find the right answers. They will enjoy the games and learn the concepts easily. Roman numerals memory games not only make them familiarise themselves with the new system but also makes them proficient in it.