Percentage memory game


The concept of percentage is introduced to kids at grade 5 or 6 and it goes onward to a higher grade. They learn what a percentage is, how to calculate it, and how to interpret it. They start their learning by identifying the quantity of one thing in another as a percentage and solve different problems. Since this is a difficult process involving the concepts of multiplication and division, the skills need a lot of practice. Hence constantly solving related problems is key. Multiple games provided here will help students learn and practice each concept while playing and having fun. These games focus on multiple ideas ranging from basic to advanced level topics. Some games ask students to perform percentage calculation and write the answers. The other games ask them to identify the correct percentage out of given options. Students solve each question and select the right answer. Such games are very interesting to play. The content and graphics are engaging and encourage students to be involved actively. Children enjoy them a lot and play them repeatedly so that they gain the skills and can in future solve related problems. This will help them learn and build their base for complex mathematical operations. Have fun playing this percentages memory game.