Multiplication to ten memory game

Multiplication to ten

Students at their early stages learn multiplication of numbers in different ways by solving questions in the form of numbers or in the form of word problems. The art of multiplication needs quite some practice and students are made to practice in different ways in order to build their base and interest in the mathematical skill. There are several multiplication games on paper and on applications that are fun and aimed at students learning multiplication easily. Multiplication by ten is the easiest of all. Since the multiplication by ten operation is quite easy and easily done by placing a zero at the end of the multiplied number, students enjoy it and solve it quickly. The game in this page involves several engaging graphics and scenarios which ask students to perform multiplication by ten. Kids do it quickly by recalling their basic multiplication skills learned earlier. These games also include identification of multiplication by ten operations which encourage students to identify the number that’s multiplied by ten. The student flips the card and identifies if this is the multiplied number or not. Such games help to build the memory of students and learn the basics.