Multiplication of 3 numbers memory game

Multiplications three numbers

Multiplication is another important basic skill that students start learning from grade 1. Multiplication operations increase numbers in quantity; students perform differently. However, the process of multiplication goes on changing and becomes somewhat complex with the increase in the number of places. For example, the multiplication of two one place numbers like 2x3 is easy as compared to three place numbers like 100 x 200 or four place numbers 4000 x 2222. In simple one place multiplication students count the number tables and write the answer. This increases their concept of multiplication and numbering. Suppose the numbers are 111 and 222. In the multiplication process, the highest place of the second number is multiplied by each digit of number 1. Then in the second step, the lower place is multiplied in the same manner and so on. Multiplication in each step is written with an addition of space. In the end, the numbers are added to produce results. The games are designed for this purpose and increase the memory quotient and skills of students. These games have engaging content and multiple attempts are allowed. Have fun playing the multiplication memory game.