Mixed operation memory game

Mixed operations

This game is useful for kids from grade 1 to grade 6. Mathematics at these levels involves several topics including the multiplication process, addition process, subtraction, and more. Students learn each of them separately at some stages in their studies. However, some involve the use of multiple operations. For example, there may a question which includes all of the studied operations in one question like 1x(2+3-4)=? This problem includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and brackets. To solve such problems, students should be familiar with the order of operations. There are different nomenclature for the order of operations in different parts of the world but they all address the same order which says brackets are at the highest priority hence is solved first. Then followed by the operations of division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction. Using the related operational concepts and basic maths skills students can solve such problems. These games encourage students to practice more and more questions which boosts their understanding of the topic and builds their memory for the future. Some games even involve mixed operations in short forms like having two operations in one question and increasing the difficulty in other questions step by step. This helps students to learn and grow stage by stage.